Wooden Wedding Ring Pros and Cons

May 24 2020 – Mike Yarbrough

Wooden Wedding Ring Pros and Cons
Wooden Wedding Ring Pros and Cons

For most men, their wedding ring is the first ring they will have ever worn. Picking out a ring that is unique and matches his style and personality can be a daunting challenge. Wooden wedding rings are a great option for guys looking to a more classic style and warm, earthy tones. It's important to understand the pros and cons of a wooden wedding ring before you invest in one.


Pro: Wood Rings Tell a Story

Every piece of wood has a story and the same can be said for wooden wedding rings. Wooden rings tell your story. They reflect something deep inside about your connection with nature and the outdoors. Many wooden rings are made from repurposed or recycled wood, including whiskey barrels, rifle stocks, and barn wood - all objects with a fascinating history in and of themselves. 

Transforming those fascinating histories into something you can wear everyday has the benefit of making your wedding band a major conversation starter. If you’re wearing a wooden ring, be prepared to tell your story!

Con: They're Not Immune to Damage

Wooden wedding bands are tougher than you might think, but they're still not metal. Like all things made from wood, they're vulnerable to chips and dents. Most ring damage is easily repairable, and it's rare to see a wooden ring broken beyond repair, but it's not impossible.

As a general rule, people who work with their hands (i.e. mechanics) should take off their ring before work. It's also wise not to wear it while you're doing a high-impact activity like weightlifting, rock climbing, or volcano luging. (For rougher activities we would suggest our leather rings.)


Pro: Wood Rings Are Eco-Friendly

One of the top reasons behind the growing popularity of alternative wedding band materials like wood is sustainability. It's great for anyone who wants to enjoy a "greener" engagement.

Wood is a renewable resource, and is infinitely more environmentally friendly than the mining practices used to obtain precious metals. The wood we use at Rustic and Main is sustainably repurposed and most of our rings are made from repurposed, eco-friendly materials.

Con: Resizing Wood Rings Can Be Challenging

We always advise our customers to take great care in selecting their ring size, because wooden rings are limited in their ability to be resized. Some wood ring makers don't offer resizing at all, but because our rings are made from bentwood rather than drilling, we're usually able to make small adjustments.

We can typically resize our wooden rings up to a half size smaller, and a quarter size larger. We need to see the ring before we can say for sure. 


Pro: They're Hypoallergenic

Allergic reactions to metal are actually quite common. Some estimates suggest that up to 30% of women and 3% of men are allergic to nickel, which is a metal commonly added to gold rings. In addition to feeling much lighter and warmer than cold metal rings, wooden rings are also less likely to cause an allergic reaction for many people. Wooden rings are a great option for those who have metal hypersensitivity.

Con: The Finish Can Be Damaged By Chemicals

Most wooden rings are finished with cyanoacrylate glue (aka, CA glue) or epoxy. Here at Rustic and Main, we use a medical grade CA glue. It's tough and durable, but it can be damaged by chemicals that are designed to remove such a finish, including some sanitizers and solvents.

It's best to take your ring off before doing any intensive cleaning. A well-made wooden ring should hold up well to water, but avoid letting it get constantly wet; and definitely avoid extended exposure to saltwater, which can damage almost any finish.


Pro: Wooden Rings Offer Endless Variety

The wide array of colors and textures offered by wooden wedding bands is really amazing. Every type of wood has its own unique character, and those distinct qualities are enhanced by being shaped and sealed during the ring making process. When you consider all the different materials you can use for inlays—metal, antler, cloth, flowers, even coffee beans—the combinations are virtually endless. 

At Rustic & Main, we are also able to make custom wedding rings with materials that have a special meaning to our customers.

Your ring should be as unique as you are. Take our ring style quiz and find which Rustic & Main ring collection best matches your lifestyle and tells your story.