When Is the Best Time to Buy Wedding Rings?

August 23, 2020

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So, you're getting hitched and the big day is coming up! There is a lot of planning to be done - from selecting your wedding vendors to picking out your entertainment and lining up those pre-wedding events, the list is extensive! There is one other significant detail you still need to sort out: getting your wedding bands.

Whether you want to save money or you're looking for the best selection to find the perfect ring, certain seasons definitely have an advantage. This article will help you decide on the best time to buy wedding rings.

Best Time to Buy Wedding Rings at a Lower Cost

Just like any product, there are seasonal cycles that affect the price of wedding rings, their availability and selection. These are the times to watch out for seasonal sales and holiday promotions, and to take advantage of the jewelry industry's slower seasons:

  • Before Christmas - The period between Thanksgiving and Christmas is when you'll find some of the best sales of the year on wedding rings. The long weekend after Thanksgiving—Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday—is a particularly good time to get your ring shopping done.

  • New Year's to Valentine's - February 14th is a big day for proposals. Jewelers know this, and they'll be offering some great deals as a result. That makes the first month and a half of the year prime time to buy an engagement ring.

  • Early Autumn - September and October are a couple of the slowest months in the jewelry industry. That makes this season potentially the best time to buy a wedding ring, as many retailers run promotions to drum up business and clear old stock before the holidays come.

If you are more concerned about selection and the experience of the process, do your shopping in late Spring or Early Summer. These are not the best months to find special deals on wedding rings, but they are the months when relatively few people buy rings. Do your shopping in summer if you want to beat the crowds and take advantage of great selection, but aren't overly concerned with saving a buck. Sales associates are likely to have a little more time to spend with you and answer all of your questions if they are not as busy with other customers.

Wedding Bands Vs. Engagement Rings

The best time to buy wedding rings also depends on whether you're looking to buy an engagement ring or a wedding band. Most couples don't buy both at the same time—although many retailers offer discounts if you do—and seasonal cycles don't always affect different types of rings in the same ways. 

buy an engagement ring

With an engagement ring, you'll want to buy it at the right time so you can propose when you want to. With a wedding band, timing is less important but it's still recommended that you buy wedding bands 3 to 4 months before your wedding so you can have them in your hands at least a month before the big day. 

Consider the Effects of COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown a wrench in a lot of aspects of everyday life. It's changed the way we do almost everything, including ring shopping. It's difficult to predict exactly how the pandemic will affect your ring buying process, and with so much uncertainty, you should give yourself a bit of extra time.

Since more shopping is being done online than ever before, many ring makers are finding themselves with orders backed up. If you end up needing adjustments to your ring, you'll be glad you gave yourself the cushion of a little extra time. If you need to make any sizing adjustments, you will have less stress if there’s time to take care of that detail before your wedding.

Finding the Perfect Wedding Band

Whether it's spring, summer, fall or winter, our team of artisans at Rustic and Main is dedicated to crafting unique wedding bands that tell your story and reflect your values. Contact us today to learn more about getting a custom-made wedding ring, no matter the season.

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