When Is the Best Time to Buy Wedding Rings?

August 23 2020 – Mike Yarbrough

When to buy your wedding band
When to buy your wedding band

You just pulled off the perfect proposal, and it is time to start wedding planning. One of the first things you should check off your wedding to-do’s is buying your wedding bands. 

But why? 

While your venue, menu, and attire are essential details for your big day, your wedding band will be the one precious detail you will carry and wear every day as a reminder of your commitment and love for one another. So, give yourself and your spouse-to-be as much time as possible to do the research and find the wedding rings that check all of your boxes. You’ll want to factor in certain details into your search and final decision like lifestyle, maintenance look, size, width, personalization or whether or not you want something custom-made.

The experts recommend beginning your wedding band searches 8 to 6 months before your wedding day, especially since many custom wedding bands can take up to 2 months to craft, so you’ll want to factor in any resizing and adjustment time that may be needed before the wedding day. Many couples spend an average of 1 to 3 months researching and browsing before buying their wedding bands, so you’ll also want to think about your personal shopping style and how much time you’d like to have before making a final decision. Make sure to give yourself enough time to feel comfortable and confident in your wedding band choice.

Do couples pick out wedding rings together? 

Each couple's wedding band search is unique. As a company that handcrafts rings, we’ve seen the full spectrum of wedding band shopping preferences. While most couples tend to collaborate at one point or another during the process, there is no definitive rule on how to go about your wedding band search.

However, this decision can be a very sentimental moment for couples. We recommend discussing how involved you want your partner to be during this process before diving in. Think about what the ring will mean to you and how you would like your partner to support you throughout this process, whether that's giving you insight or space to explore.

Best Time to Buy Wedding Rings at a Lower Cost

Just like any product, there are seasonal cycles that affect the price of wedding rings, their availability and selection. These are the times to watch out for seasonal sales and holiday promotions, and to take advantage of the jewelry industry's slower seasons:

  • Before Christmas - The period between Thanksgiving and Christmas is when you'll find some of the best sales of the year on wedding rings. The long weekend after Thanksgiving—Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday—is a particularly good time to get your ring shopping done.

  • New Year's to Valentine's - February 14th is a big day for proposals. Jewelers know this, and they'll be offering some great deals as a result. That makes the first month and a half of the year prime time to buy an engagement ring.

  • Early Autumn - September and October are a couple of the slowest months in the jewelry industry. That makes this season potentially the best time to buy a wedding ring, as many retailers run promotions to drum up business and clear old stock before the holidays come.

If you are more concerned about selection and the experience of the process, do your shopping in late Spring or Early Summer. These are not the best months to find special deals on wedding rings, but they are the months when relatively few people buy rings. Do your shopping in summer if you want to beat the crowds and take advantage of great selection, but aren't overly concerned with saving a buck. Sales associates are likely to have a little more time to spend with you and answer all of your questions if they are not as busy with other customers.


Shopping For Wedding Bands Vs. Engagement Rings

The best time to buy wedding rings also depends on whether you're looking to buy an engagement ring or a wedding band. Most couples don't buy both at the same time—although many retailers offer discounts if you do—and seasonal cycles don't always affect different types of rings in the same ways. 

With an engagement ring, you'll want to buy it at the right time so you can propose when you want to. With a wedding band, timing is less important but it's still recommended that you buy wedding bands 3 to 4 months before your wedding so you can have them in your hands at least a month before the big day. 

How Long Does It Take to Get a Wedding Ring After Purchasing It?

The amount of time it takes to receive a wedding band after you make a purchase will depend on the company. It’s always best to check the turnaround times before making a final decision. While many big box stores are able to ship in record time, many smaller handcrafted companies will custom-make your band after you place your order and will, in turn, have longer lead times.

At Rustic & Main, our typical turnaround time is six to eight weeks for made-to-order wedding bands. We offer a priority shipping upgrade that can reduce that time to 4 weeks. Our select inventory of in-stock rings are still handcrafted, but have been made prior to your purchase, and can ship within 48 hours of placing your order. Delivery date depends on location and shipping preference, but our in-stock rings will usually arrive within the week you order them.

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Wedding band shopping tips:

Here are some essential wedding band shopping tips to help you find a ring you’ll love for a lifetime.

Learn the Lingo

Before you start shopping for wedding bands, you will need to add a few new words to your vocabulary. From general terminologies like size and width to more specific terms like contours, inlays, liners, outers, and comfort fit vs. flat fit - give yourself a little time to understand the lingo, so you can get yourself prepped for your search and have a better understanding of what you’re looking for.

Find the Right Width

After familiarizing yourself with ring terms, the next step is finding the correct ring width. 

Men’s bands are typically 6mm & 8mm, but the best ring width for you depends on what looks the best on your hand and what feels the most comfortable. 

Many factors are related to what will look good on your hand, but the four main things to consider before selecting a width are your hand size, finger length and width, and knuckle size. Smaller hands with slim fingers look best with a thinner band, while wider fingers look better with thicker rings. 

Width comfortability usually depends on how often you wear rings. If you are new to wearing rings, consider getting a thinner wedding band that will be less in your way.

Find the Right Size   

After determining your ideal ring width, you will then want to find your ring size! Why in this order? To get the best fit, you want to use ring sizers or try on rings that are the same width as your wedding band. 

Our top recommendation is to get sized from the same place you buy your ring, especially if you are getting a Rustic and Main handcrafted band. Since all of our rings are a comfort fit, we have a different sizing system than many other jewelry stores. You can learn more about our ring sizing process in the video below.

Consider Your Lifestyle and Maintenance

Can you wear your wedding band at work? Will you need to switch it out with a silicone ring? Will you remember to switch out your wedding band when doing strenuous activities or working with chemicals? 

After answering these questions, research which ring materials will work best for your day-to-day life. You also have to consider what level of ring maintenance you are willing to commit to. 
If you have questions about how to care for a Rustic & Main band, you can check out our Ring Care Guide page.


Don’t Be Afraid to Schedule a Free Consultation

Never be afraid to ask for help! There are many questions that can pop up during your wedding band search, and having an expert guide you through the process can help alleviate uncertainty and provide you with the clarity you need to make a confident decision.
If you are looking for professional guidance, Rustic & Main offers free in-person and virtual consultations! Our ring design experts will take all the guesswork and googling out of your wedding band search, and help you find a ring that is right for you.