Groomsmen Duties: A Checklist of Wedding Responsibilities


Groomsmen Duties: A Checklist of Wedding Responsibilities

September 14 2022 – Mike Yarbrough

groomsmen and groom wedding photo
groomsmen and groom wedding photo

So you've been chosen to be a groomsman. Congratulations! But what does that mean exactly? 

Contrary to what you might believe, the groomsmen’s duties go beyond simply showing up well-dressed on the wedding day. Learn what's expected of a groomsman before, during, and after the big day. 

Groomsmen Duties Before the Wedding

 Get Dressed Up

Typically, groomsmen are in charge of picking up and paying for their own formalwear. The bride and groom will usually offer some guidance as to the type of suit or tux the groomsmen are expected to get—you may or may not have input on this—but assembling, buying or renting, and tailoring your wedding clothes is up to you. 


Help Plan the Bachelor Party

Throwing a bachelor party for the groom-to-be is traditionally the best man's job, but be ready to lend a helping hand. These days, it's common for all the groomsmen to pull together to help plan (and sometimes chip in to pay for) the bachelor party. 

Go to the Pre-Wedding Events

Like the rest of the wedding party, groomsmen are expected to attend all the major pre-wedding events. This includes any engagement parties and co-ed showers, but especially the bachelor party and rehearsal dinner. Don't beat yourself up about making multiple trips if you're an out-of-town groomsman, but if you live nearby, you should make every effort to be there. 


Don't Forget Your Accessories

Make sure you have all the proper accessories to w your suit or tux. The basics include a tie, socks, cufflinks, shoes, and possibly a boutonniere or cummerbund. 


Be There for the Groom

The most critical groomsman's duty is one of support. If the groom needs help with anything, be ready to lend an ear or a helping hand. You may be asked for advice in picking out the rings, to assist the groom in getting ready on the wedding day, or to help ease pre-wedding jitters. Just be prepared to be there for your friend, and you'll have one of the top groomsmen's duties taken care of. 

Groomsmen Duties on the Wedding Day

Show Up on Time

Every wedding day has its own unique timeline. Regardless of how the day starts, verify where you need to go and when. Show up bright-eyed, well dressed, ready for anything, and of course, on time. 


Smile and Pose

Wedding photos are typically taken early on the wedding day, and the groomsmen and bridesmaids need to be ready. Posing for photographs is a big part of the groomsmen's duties, so be where you need to be and try to bring an up-for-anything attitude. 

Give the Ushers a Hand

It is easy for ushers to become overwhelmed if guests arrive all at once. Stand by in case the ushers need help escorting guests to their seats. 

Answer Guest Questions

It's a good idea for groomsmen to get to know the wedding venue -- for both the ceremony and the reception -- should any guests have questions or require assistance. Where's the restroom? Which way to the bar? That kind of thing. 

Be the Life of the Party

One of the best things you can do as a groomsman is to help everybody have a good time at the reception. Be chatty with the guests, get people mingling, dance with the bridesmaids, and do all you can to ensure everyone has a great time. Have a couple of drinks (just a couple) and stick around at the end to help clean up. 

Groomsmen Duties After the Wedding

Offer Transport

Groomsmen usually offer transportation to out-of-town wedding guests who need rides to the airport or train station. 

Return Your Suit

Is your suit or tuxedo a rental? Some rental companies expect garments returned the day after an event. Find out when you need to take back the suits to avoid late fees. 

Get Some Rest

You've worked hard and are likely a little tired. So get some rest! You've earned it.


What About the Best Man?

A best man will also have a few extra responsibilities. Mostly, this means acting as the groom’s right-hand man. As we mentioned, the best man usually plans the bachelor party. His other pre-wedding duties involve helping the other groomsmen pick out their wedding attire and finding a gift for the groom. During the wedding, the best man helps greet the guests, holds the wedding rings, and gives a toast during the reception. When the wedding festivities end, the best man should also be the one tipping the wedding vendors, collecting gift envelopes for the newlyweds, and making sure all rented tuxes are returned on time.


How to Say Thank You To Your Groomsmen

It’s an honor when a friend asks you to be in their wedding. It’s a special moment in a friendship when you can stand by your friend as he commits to a loving relationship. Even with all of the honor that comes with being a groomsman, the groomsman’s role comes with many responsibilities. It’s important for grooms to also show their appreciation to their groomsmen at some point either pre or post-wedding. This gesture of appreciation can be shown through a thoughtful thank you note, a couple of rounds of beer, or a hand-select gift for your groomsmen. 

How to Give a Groomsman Gift

Giving a groomsmen gift is a great way to show appreciation to your groomsman, but what’s the best way to go about giving it? There is more than one way to present gifts to your groomsmen, but the right one will resonate with you.

Matching Groomsmen Gifts

Giving matching groomsmen gifts is a great way to show camaraderie. You can even present your friends with matching gifts at a group groomsmen proposal! It also makes gift-giving less stressful, especially for couples with large bridal parties. Plus, everyone gets the same gift, so it helps lessen the burden of decision-making while making everyone feel included.

Hand-Picked Gifts

Sometimes, it's harder to find a matching gift that every groomsman would appreciate. Don't be afraid to mix up your groomsmen gift selection. While matching gifts are fun and fair, a gift selected just for your friend will always feel more special. Just make sure to keep the cost of each present around the same price.


Ultimately, pick a setting where everyone is comfortable. Maybe your group of friends does everything all together, or you prefer talking one and one with each guy. Choose whichever setting feels best for you and your group. 


Groomsmen proposal gifts are great, but they aren't required. It's not an issue to give a groomsmen gift post-wedding, but many grooms give them beforehand to avoid forgetting or giving it too late. 


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