Our Favorite Rugged & Rustic Wedding Bands for Him

April 02 2024 – Mike Yarbrough

Best Selling Rugged and Rustic Wedding Bands for Him
Best Selling Rugged and Rustic Wedding Bands for Him

Discover the perfect rustic wedding bands for him from our curated selection of artisan-made Elk Antler rings, Whiskey Barrel rings, and Rifle Stock Wood rings. Explore the rugged charm of these unique designs crafted to reflect his adventurous spirit and love for the outdoors, making his wedding band truly personal.

Elk Antler Wedding Bands: Rugged & Refined

Our antler ring collection is made from North American Bull Elk antler that has been naturally shed and ethically harvested from the forest floor. This rugged and refined wedding band option captures nature's majestic beauty.


The High Country

Embrace rugged elegance with The High Country, featuring a men's wooden wedding band crafted from antique walnut and elk antler, accented by an offset metal inlay for a distinctive touch. Also available in titanium and gold


The Stag in Gold

Make a bold statement with The Stag in Gold, a men's wedding band featuring a luxurious gold design paired with rich walnut and elk antler, combining sophistication with rustic charm. Also available in wood, titanium, and sterling silver


The Haywood

Elevate your wedding style with The Haywood, a men's gold wedding band adorned with genuine elk antler, exuding timeless elegance and natural allure.


The Lore

Discover The Lore. This men's gold wedding band features elk antler, striking green imperial diopside, and antique walnut wood. The combination of these three extraordinary materials captures the essence of rustic refinement and natural beauty.


The Gent’s Weekend

Embrace rugged sophistication with The Gent’s Weekend, a men's wedding band crafted from elk antler and weathered whiskey barrel wood, offering a unique blend of masculinity and rustic charm for the modern groom. Available in titanium, sterling silver, and gold.


The Marksman In Silver 

Channel timeless style with The Marksman in Silver, a men's wedding ring showcasing genuine elk antler and a sleek silver band, perfect for the discerning gentleman seeking understated elegance with a rustic twist. Also available in titanium and gold

Whiskey Barrel Wedding Bands: Spirited & Sophisticated

Crafted from iconic reclaimed whiskey barrels, these ring designs evoke the essence of aged spirits. You can personalize your whiskey barrel wedding band by choosing your favorite whiskey's barrel wood from our in-house selection or by sending in a piece of your own barrel wood. Our natural whiskey barrel rings are crafted with wood from the center of whiskey barrels, with echoes of charred oak that leave striking streaks of color on the natural wood, while our weathered whiskey barrel rings undergo a weathering process that turns the buttery oak wood mesmerizing shades of silver, gray, and dark gray.


The Whiskey Neat

Indulge in classic sophistication with The Whiskey Neat, a men's wedding ring design featuring a sleek, weathered whiskey barrel wood band paired with a distinctive center metal inlay of your choice, embodying timeless elegance and refined style.


The Frontiersman

Embrace rugged charm with The Frontiersman, a men's wedding band crafted with weathered whiskey barrel wood and elk antler, perfect for the modern explorer seeking adventure and style. This stunning design is available in wood, titanium, sterling silver, and gold.


The Midnight Barrel

Make a statement with The Midnight Barrel, a men's wedding band featuring meteorite dust and whiskey barrel inlays, exuding a bold and distinctive allure that captures the essence of sophistication and mystery. Available in titanium, sterling silver, and gold


The Speakeasy

Named after the juice joints of the Prohibition era, The Speakeasy, is a men's wedding band that showcases a wide channel whiskey barrel inlay, evoking the allure of clandestine gatherings and old-world charm. Available in gold and titanium.


The Man in Black

Commemorate your love of music with The Man in Black. This unique men's titanium wedding band design is adorned with dual whiskey barrel inlays and a center channel of guitar string, offering an iconic choice for a music enthusiast on his big day.


The Marshall

Channel the spirit of music and adventure with The Marshall, a men's wedding band that creates a unique and dynamic symbol of style and creativity with three inlays of guitar string, mesquite wood, and weathered whiskey barrel wood.

Rifle Stock Wood Wedding Bands: Historic & Timeless

Crafted from authentic WWII-era Springfield 1903 or M1 Garand Walnut Rifle Stock Wood, our Rifle Stock Wood Wedding Bands pay homage to history. The deep brown hues of the wood from the 1903 Springfield complement historic materials like WWI military uniform fabric, while the M1 Garand walnut symbolizes resilience and the fighting spirit of the Greatest Generation.


The Sentinel

Honor history with The Sentinel, a men's titanium wedding band crafted from 1903 Springfield rifle stock and weathered whiskey barrel wood, encapsulating the essence of valor and rugged charm.


The Garand

Pay tribute to the Greatest Generation with The Garand, a men's wedding band featuring wood from an M1 Garand, symbolizing resilience and the indomitable spirit of those who served. This design is available in titanium and gold.


The Western Front

Commemorate the bravery of soldiers with The Western Front, a men's gold wedding band adorned with rifle stock wood and WWI uniform fabric, evoking the courage and sacrifice of wartime heroes.


The Great War

Embrace the legacy of courage with The Great War, a men's wedding ring inspired by the historic conflicts of World War I, offering a timeless symbol of valor and resilience. This design is available in gold, sterling silver, and titanium.


The World War I

Step back in time with The World War I, a men's wood wedding band crafted to honor the memory of those who served, featuring iconic elements from the era and a design that pays homage to the bravery of the past.


If you’re looking for an even more unique piece, you can design a custom ring with our team. Choose from a variety of our in-house historic materials or even send a piece of an heirloom or sentimental item for a truly one-of-a-kind rustic wedding band for him.