Summer's Story: Fox and Beaux

October 29 2020 – Summer Yarbrough

weathered maple elk ring set
weathered maple elk ring set

Most people don’t know the irony of co-owning and co-running a business that sells rings. I actually grew up right in the middle of the jewelry business. My grandparents owned two high-end jewelry stores that my parents managed and, later on, my parents owned their own store. As a preteen, it was common for me to carry up to $100k of jewelry to the safe to lock up at night, or wear an expensive cocktail ring on my hand for fun. I found this to cheapen the value and, frankly, I found diamond rings, gold chains and pearl necklaces boring. I dreamt of my family owning an actual “worthwhile” business, like a car dealership or horse farm. I told myself I would never own or work for a jewelry business. My, my, God has a sense of humor.

Wood Jewelry with a Story

So, did I change my mind? Not really. What changed was the type of jewelry that was being sold and how it is created. At Rustic and Main, every wood ring is a handcrafted piece of jewelry that tells a story. This is a far cry from the days when guys displayed machismo through the size of the gold nugget around their neck. People were blissfully unaware that the diamond industry wasn’t as sparkly and shiny as the product it produced.

We concentrate on all-natural materials, wood that has a history behind it, and inlays that tell your story. Our customers are creating rings that represent who they are. Our rings are one of a kind, just like the craftsmen who create them. When a crafter chooses a ring to create, an email is sent to the lucky customer showing them a short bio of who is making their ring. This is not your average retail jewelry store.

walnut lapiz lazuli yellow gold ring

Custom Jewelry from Fox and Beaux

We value the idea of handcrafted and personalized jewelry, and have found like minded businesses that value those ideas as well. One of those businesses is just up the street...well, really two hours up I-40, in one of our favorite cities, Asheville. We found out about Fox and Beaux when the owner, Lauren Moody, reached out to us last year. When I saw their work on the website, I was head over heels for all of the unique, custom pieces of jewelry they created.

Mike and I were able to drive up to Asheville this June and meet Lauren and her crew. We even got to meet their adorable shop kitten. Believe me, the jewelry is even more eye-catching in person. There is a store full of custom-made jewelry from the crafters who work at Fox and Beaux, as well as crafters from all over the world. Lauren even showed us a whole case dedicated to helping a customer design their own ring. I could have left there with 30 pieces of jewelry. It was so hard to just walk away with only a brass cuff bracelet with a fern cut out, and the sterling silver ring with a leaf design. The cuff was made in-house by Amberly Sweetser and the ring was handcrafted in India. Both of these pieces go great with the Rustic and Main rings that I wear.

I can definitely see a couple who want to wear unique custom rings choosing an engagement ring from Fox and Beaux and purchasing a wedding band for the groom from Rustic and Main. Fox and Beaux is also a great place to purchase a gift for the bride, or earrings as a bridesmaid gift. If you are ever in downtown Asheville please treat yourself by visiting Fox and Beaux, and if you’re ever in the Charlotte area, please make an appointment or drop by Rustic and Main.