Our Leather Collection

The original rustic material.

& Style.

When life gets a little rough, our leather rings
are there with rugged and refined style.

Rough hands. Rough work.

Leather is the original rustic material. It's classy, durable, rugged and refined. Nothing feels quite like it. Since our wood rings are typically crafted from historic woods and other rare materials, we wanted to offer our customers a ring that had meaning and style and could be worn without worry. 

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Stunning hues that look great clean or stamped.

Available in a warm Chicago Tan or the beautiful patina of Dark Olive, these leather rings are a stunning alternative ring to wear when heading our for your next adventure. Whether you prefer to keep it simple with our Clean Design or want to show your love for the great outdoors with our Mountains Stamped Design.  Maybe you find pride with our flagship Join or Die Stamped Design, inspired by Benjamin Franklin's symbol for colonial unity. We have a leather ring to suit your style. 

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